Educating the next generation of eye care providers remains a fundamental pillar of FORSEE Canada.  Enriching undergraduate medical students by providing them an opportunity to delve deeper into the field of Ophthalmology allows us to increase the exposure of this field to the broader medical community.

Medical trainees at all levels, from undergraduates to post-graduates, reap the benefits of a more thorough understanding of ophthalmology by being paired with academically affiliated ophthalmologists of varied sub-specialities during their elective blocks.  For undifferentiated medical trainees, our education program provides a constructive learning environment that provides the basic tools our student’s need, and an experience that may spark an interest in further pursuit of this field.

The Summer Research Scholarship is another unique program funded by FORSEE Canada. Undergraduate medical students are eligible to apply for this scholarship upon completion of their second-year training.  The recipient of this scholarship is provided an opportunity to engage in a unique 8-week clinical teaching program where basic and advanced ophthalmology skills are transferred in addition to clinical research exposure. Furthermore, this program provides students an opportunity for mentorship to help guide interested students towards a path in Ophthalmic specialization.

The education arm of FORSEE Canada is also a platform where we share our research advances with other eye health care providers on a local and international level.  Through our global outreach initiatives, we engage with local education institutions to provide lectures, workshops and surgical technique demonstrations for their eye care specialists and trainees. Through these interactions and experiences, it allows us to further refine our approach to education and research in a goal-oriented and purposeful manner.

Our integrated approach allows our education program to not only provide clinical teaching skills, but also created a learning environment that enhances collaboration that benefits the research and outreach pillars.

Summer Research Scholarship
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Felicia Tai
University of Toronto
Saffire Krance
Western University
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University of Toronto
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Queen's University