Extending eye care to the vulnerable population is a key mandate for FORSEE Canada’s humanitarian appeal.  These mobile eyecare missions are conducted in a variety of settings such as local homeless shelters, refugee homes, overseas medical clinics and remote eye camps.

In these varied settings our volunteering ophthalmologists, optometrists, opticians, medical trainees and support team provide much needed care that would otherwise be neglected or delayed leading to further visual impairment.

FORSEE Canada has recognized that vision loss is a global concern that requires an integrated approach and as such community engagement is a requisite requirement. To help facilitate a deeper understanding of local and global vision impairment, FORSEE Canada provides funding for a Social Eyecare Scholarship. This competitively awarded scholarship is directed for medical trainees or post-secondary students pursuing an advanced degree within public health and/or clinical epidemiology.  This scholarship helps bridge local health care solutions for the community at large, with the ultimate mandate of addressing vision impairment on a global scale.

The success of these outreach missions depends on both a full spectrum of volunteers to work with local community networks and requisite mobile eye care equipment funded by FORSEE Canada to bring these outreach endeavors to fruition.  Working together we can obtain our goal to help every eye, everywhere!


Social Eyecare Scholarship

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Mariam Issa
University of Toronto
Francesca Lee
McGill University
Arjav Gupta
Northern Ontario School of Medicine